Christine's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke was a life-saver! After many, many months of working with an Orthopedic Surgeon and Physical Therapist, Dr. Locke is the reason my daughter was finally able to return to dance. The Cleveland Clinic Orthopedist even agreed his techniques were exactly what she needed to get over the final hurdle. I only wish we would have found him sooner! Even through a second injury, Dr. Locke was key to her recovery. We especially liked how he considered the whole body and not just the single injury. And in between appointments, Dr. Locke even checked-in to see how she was doing. No doubt about it, we recommend Dr. Locke!"



Ohio Mobile Chiropractic provides care for the Westshore communities of Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Our office is located in Westlake, Ohio, Cuyahoga County.

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