Hip Pain

Over the last several weeks I've seen a few similar cases of hip pain. The specific causes can vary widely, but the general cause of these cases has been consistent across the board: poorly functioning muscles responsible for moving the hip into a flexed position.

There are several muscles responsible for hip flexion (some more than others) including the psoas, iliacus, rectus femoris, tensor fascia lata, sartorius, and even the adductor muscles along the groin assist somewhat. Hopefully, this opens your eyes to the big picture: in order to flex the hip, all of the above muscles should be contributing in some capacity.

So how does pain develop? If one muscle is functioning poorly, the brain will find something else to do its job.

In these recent cases, I found several of these muscles functioning poorly. This scenario places the responsibility of flexing the hip on only a few muscles, rather than utilizing the entire "work force" to complete the movement. The end result is hip pain during flexion, because the few muscles that ARE functioning properly are doing a lot of extra work for their non-contributing "co-workers". These few muscles can only over-work for so long before they become irritated and painful. If every time you move into hip flexion, only a few muscles are doing the work, it won't be long before the pain sets in.

As a clinician, if I ONLY treat the sore muscles, but never teach the poorly functioning ones how to do their job, the pain and problem will never go away. This is a dysfunctional motor pattern that the brain is very good at using. If you're brain is really good at it using certain muscles during movements, why would it try to use something else? The answer is, it won't.....unless we TEACH it how to use those muscles. So once we apply the appropriate manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises, we can remove this dysfunctional pattern in favor of a functional one. Improved function, reduced pain, happy patient :)


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