The Neck and Back Pain Connection

"If one muscle is functioning poorly, the brain will find something else to do its job."

This is the key to understanding how we develop many aches and pains over time. Here's a great example of how neck and back pain may occur, even without an injury!

What if the neck flexors AND abdominal muscles aren't functioning properly? We're not talking about STRENGTH, but rather FUNCTION; the ability of your brain to control/coordinate the muscles appropriately.

Enter non-traumatic Neck and Back PAIN!!!

When the muscles along the front of the body (neck flexors and abdominals) function poorly, their functional opposites, the muscles along the back of the body (neck and low back extensors) have a tendency to take over, ie - work way too hard!!!! Muscles that are asked to work beyond their capacity end up in PAIN!!!

Do you have neck or back pain that seemed to develop for no reason? Have your muscle function assessed properly to find the source of your pain. Then, we can develop a strategy to resolve your complaints quickly. The solution may be simpler than you think.

Image courtesy of Anatomy Trains.


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