"Pulled" Hamstrings, An Alternate Perspective

Hamstrings injury, an distal vs. proximal injury


Hip Pain and Running

"I can't believe that I'm finally able to run without pain....thank you."

Spring is in the air, and with that, many seasonal runners are crawling out of hibernation, strapping on their running shoes, and logging those base miles in preparation for the summer race season. After a long period of time without running, the transition back to race form is often met with injury as the body attempts acclimate itself with the demands of a newly introduced training program. One of the most common complaints I see amongst my running patients is lateral hip pain. 

"No Pain, No Gain!!!"


Health Tip: "No pain, no gain" is a myth that has plagued the fitness community and rehabilitation world for years. There is a difference between muscle soreness and sharp or stabbing pain. If it hurts (pain not soreness), you're damaging something. End of story.

Always have your pain and function assessed by a professional and train smart...or get injured and don't train at all.

TMJ Pain

Hip Pain

Hamstrings Dysfunction

Earlier this week, we talked about how poorly functioning hamstrings can result in overuse of the lower back muscles, ultimately leading to pain. In this video, we demonstrate and discuss a little bit more about this common dysfunctional relationship. Fortunately, with specific manual therapy techniques and proper corrective exercises, we can restore the function of the hamstrings, and significantly reduce lower back pain.

Hamstrings and Low Back Pain

In last week's video, we discussed how poorly functioning abdominals and anterior stabilizers can lead to lower back pain. Today, let's examine another common cause of lower back pain, the hamstrings. We often consider the hamstrings to be very "tight" muscles, frequently sore, and tender to the touch. This may be true. You may even break out the foam roller to ease some of this tension.

The Neck and Back Pain Connection

"If one muscle is functioning poorly, the brain will find something else to do its job."

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