Caryn's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke did wonders treating my injuries from an auto accident. He clearly loves what he does and his treatment approach is highly effective and motivating. He relieved my pain, helped me manage my expectations during my recovery, and got me on track to resume my active lifestyle at full strength. I wish there were more than 5 stars on the rating scale – Dr. Locke is awesome!"   -Caryn


"Finally a doc that listens! Dr. Locke was thorough, treated my pain - gave me some easy home self-care and had me on my way back to biking and eventually running in no time! His tool box for treatment is excellent and gives great long lasting results." -C.P.

Rob's Testimonial

I have cerebral palsy and have seen several chiropractors during various stages. Dr. Locke is by far the most gentle and effective treatment I have ever had.

JG's Testimonial

"I have been seeing Dr. Locke for quite a while now. I don't need him often, but when I do I know he is going to take care of whatever is hurting. Always honest, always trying to teach his patients. Wish all doctors were the same." -JG

Sarah S's Testimonial

"I have seen numerous practitioners over the years for muscle imbalance, scoliosis and overall pain. No one was able to treat me with any lasting result until I found Dr. Aaron. It was evident he wanted me to feel my best probably even more than I did. He would research my issues in between visits and have new information or approaches to help me. His kind nature and desire to heal go above and... Read More

A.S.'s Testimonial

"Dr. Locke,thank you for getting me back out there. Running has become something I can once again enjoy, and I was finally able to set a new PR in my last race this season of 15:59. It feels great to have that 15 in front of my name once and for all!" -AS  

Chris C's Testimonial

"Doc Locke is a much better teacher than any other chiropractor that I have ever seen. If you pay attention, ask questions and do your homework, you'll experience long term benefits. Make him part of your regular health routine. You won't go wrong. Thanks Doc." -Chris C.

C.H.'s Testimonial

"I've spent the last 30 years training martial arts and my body shows it. When I need help I know who to go to to get fixed and Dr. Locke is the man for the job! He has helped me with hamstring issues, back pain, neck pain, and even heel spurs! His methods are some of the most legit I've ever seen. He is a real professional!" -C.H.

Christine's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke was a life-saver! After many, many months of working with an Orthopedic Surgeon and Physical Therapist, Dr. Locke is the reason my daughter was finally able to return to dance. The Cleveland Clinic Orthopedist even agreed his techniques were exactly what she needed to get over the final hurdle. I only wish we would have found him sooner! Even through a second injury, Dr. Locke was key... Read More

Lisette's Testimonial

"Shout out to Dr. Locke....when you use and keep your body moving....there are those moments when it rebels!!! I have a rebellious body.....it speaks up when it isn't happy....which in my case is often! Dr. Locke is the "voice" of reason when I have a cranky/painful body! Through his innovative, yet patient methods, I have been introduced to Rock Tape, rolling on a tennis ball and using a door... Read More


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