Wendy's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke's passion and knowledge is unparalleled. He spent over an hour with me during the evaluation and helped me uncover the root cause of my L5/S1 disc herniation. He is unbelievably thorough and takes his time to make sure you understand the exercises he prescribes. I followed mine to a T and after only 4 visits I was back to running pain free. I feel better than ever, hiked 20 miles in... Read More

Kelly's Testimonial

"I began working with Dr. Locke to help with low back pain, which was later diagnosed as a ruptured lumbar disc. Over a period of months, he helped me systematically diagnose and restore multiple layers of dysfunction. Six months after diagnosis, I am 98% pain free, which is an amazing thing if you’ve ever experienced the agony of a disc problem of this type. I've been receiving chiropractic care... Read More

Ryan's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke did an amazing job properly diagnosing my injury and working with me to properly correct the source of the pain. I must say he is very knowledgeable in his field and I would not hesitate to go back to him should I ever feel any pain again. Excellent service and great care I highly recommend him!"   -Ryan

N.G.'s Testimonial

"I wore inserts in my shoes for over a decade to help with back pain. After a month with Doctor Locke, I don't need them anymore. Excellent, personalized care." -N.G.

Andrew's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke was integral in my return to training after a Knee injury. He explained the situation in a way that I could grasp and was invested in the rehab that I was given. Between the exercises and the rock tape, I was given a tailored treatment approach, that really worked with my lifestyle and schedule. Dr. Locke made it really easy to get an appointment and held me accountable for my healing... Read More

Sarah's Testimonial

"I was hesitatant to see a second chiropractor for my lower back pain. My first visit to one was all but pleasant and left me feeling unsure about how anything I could do would ease the pain in my lower back. It had been hurting for so long that I just got used to it, but those around me who saw me wince in pain thought differently. I was urged to go see someone. After asking a trusted and... Read More

Anna's Testimonial

"As a former professional ballet dancer, I've had a fair amount of injuries that have continued to plague me. Dr. Locke has been awesome at alleviating my pain and discomfort by effectively diagnosing my issues. With some simple exercises, I've been able to keep myself moving and out of pain. Dr. Locke has been easily accessible via phone or email if I've had questions. I would highly recommend... Read More

Cheryl's Testimonial

"Thanks to Dr. Locke's knowledge and expertise I can call myself a runner again! After 18 months of hip pain, orthopedic doctors, traditional chiropractic treatments, and physical therapy appointments, Dr. Locke was the first person to identify the problem and give me the correct exercises to allow me to run pain free. Scheduling was easy, payment was hassle free and Dr. Locke always greeted me... Read More

Carol's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke is the best! He quickly identified the source of my chronic knee pain. He systematically tested my muscles and found the problem. It is almost unbelievable that the treatment was as simple as a few exercises each day. Dr. Locke displayed extraordinary patience at every appointment. He took the time to thoroughly explain my treatment – he even provided visuals. I highly recommend Dr.... Read More

Ted's Testimonial

"Dr. Aaron Locke has been a godsend for me, in that I am finally being treated for root causes of my injuries, not just symptoms.  His seemingly intuitive approach is actually grounded in a deep understanding of biomechanics and cause/effect.  Whether it be my post-surgical knee pain, my back flareups or my golf-related shoulder injuries, Dr. Locke, through both his classic chiropractic work and... Read More


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