Danny's Testimonial

When I sprained my ankle at the beginning of the season I thought I would be out the whole summer soccer season. Going to Dr. Locke really helped me to recover faster and got me back on the field in 4 weeks! NKT with Dr. Locke helped me to play this summer with AFC Cleveland and feel strong and healthy to play at Cleveland State this Fall. Thank you so much!"  -Danny        ... Read More

Joe's Testimonial

"I have had back problems off and on for about 15 years now, from pain to stiffness etc. I have tried many different ways to help relieve the pain, but the pain eventually would come back. I was referred to Dr. Locke and wanted to see what he could do to help me. After the first visit, I did the quick exercises that he gave me to do, and continued doing the exercises for a few weeks like he... Read More

Denise's Testimonial

"This morning I was able to call Dr. Locke and tell him that I am pain free. My name is Denise. I am 56 years old. I've been focused on physical fitness, but I have had issues with knees on and off for years. No one has been able to help me with swelling or explain the random occurrences of pain. Recently I traveled to see my daughter. The flight was about 5 hours long. Once off the plane I... Read More

N.D.'s Testimonial

"...I wanted to call to thank you for coming over here. I wish I could package how great I feel right now! I'm totally pain-free, and ordinarily when I'm sitting at my desk for 10 to 15 minutes and stand up, I'm a little stiff. So, whatever you did, it was great! And I want to thank you for the (home)work that I can do: the fact that I can be proactive to try and take care of this." -N.D.

A.H.'s Testimonial

"Thanks Dr. Aaron!   I did great (at the Arnold Sports Festival). Hit 6/6 lifts with perfect technique and got "Best Performance" in my group, with a total close to my best numbers, but the goal was to lift pretty and pretty I did! I taped my QL there as they offer free treatment for the athletes. That helped stabilize my weight distribution a lot." 

Lee's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke is an exceptional chiropractor—he cares about his patients enough to cure and prevent their muscle problems rather than making them chronic patients. He methodically and relentlessly worked to understand and diagnose my issues, and then provided solutions I could do myself that attacked the root cause. He taught me how to release overworked muscles and relieve my pain, and techniques... Read More

Doug W's Testimonial

"A testimonial about Doc Locke? A testimonial doesn’t do him justice. I have words, photos, videos, you name it: mountains of evidence that proves Dr. Aaron Locke gets results. As a proud, errrr, stubborn man that had let himself go after High School and College, I had gained about 100lbs and spent about 1 week every 2 months laid up on the couch or bed with back pain. A newborn and 2 year old... Read More

D.K.'s Testimonial

"Hi Dr. Locke, I just have to say how incredibly thankful I am for you helping me to get rid of this pain in my hip, I feel so much better!" -D.K.

Paul's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke, I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me after my car accident. Meeting you was probably the best thing that could have happened to me under unfortunate circumstances. I just remember feeling as if I had a softball lodged in my back after being rear-ended and within a couple weeks the pain and discomfort started to subside. I know the recovery process takes time, but I'm... Read More

V.T.'s Testimonial

"If you’re like me and you ask your body to preform physically at a high level daily, then you need to see my good friend Dr. Locke with Ohio Mobile Chiropractic. Whatever my aliment of the week is, Doc always seems to have the right approach to put me back together. Anything from a simple sprain or muscle pull to a displaced rib or pinched nerve, the treatment is personalized to my needs and... Read More


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