Kyle H's Testimonial

"Over the years I've seen many chiropractors. However none have offered the high level of patient experience that Dr. Locke of Ohio Mobile Chiropractic has given me. My hips, back, shoulders, and ankles have suffered from pain, tightness, and poor mobility for years. Thanks to "Doc" (as I like to call him) I have improved drastically in all of those areas. Not only does Dr. Locke effectively... Read More

Jarret G's Testimonial

"In July of 2011 I was rear ended by a utility truck. My car was totaled, and I woke up in the Emergency room. Once I was completely awake I found that I was unable to feel anything in my legs. While I was able to move them, there was no sensation. Because there was no sensation I was forced to walk with canes, as I could not tell when my foot was actually hitting the floor when I took a step.... Read More

Jessica W's Testimonial

"Dr. Locke is my hero! He has put me back together after clumsy sporting accidents, poor lifting techniques, a DIY home remodel and too many other incidents to count. He has always treated me with kindness and respect and has always been great about explaining things in terms that I can understand. Thank you for always being there when I need you! You're the best!!!"

Norine's Testimonial

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the wonderful care you have given me. As you know, my sister was skeptical about me going because she said chiropractors just schedule lots of appointments and make you worse to treat you longer. Well, I am a living testament to the error of that statement when it comes to you. I was all set to go see a neurologist when my family doctor couldn't do... Read More

William M's Testimonial

"I am thrilled to recommend the services of Ohio Mobile Chiropractic and Dr. Aaron Locke to anybody seeking professional and knowledgeable chiropractic care. As a self-employed businessperson, I have the opportunity/misfortune to wear many proverbial hats every day. Many of these roles require strenuous physical activity, bending and twisting, heavy lifting, and a myriad of other activities that... Read More

Tony M's Testimonial

"I first started noticing lower back pain and leg tingling my senior year of college. I used to just chalk it up to normal wear and tear from long nights of basketball and power lifting, but when the pain started to get so intense that I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods without unbearable pain, I knew it was time to get checked out. I first went to my family doctor and got a full physical... Read More

Chris's Testimonial

"Recently I was training for a competition and ended up with my back tensing up in the middle of the workout. Went home and could barely reach my toes without severe pain in my lower back. I figured if I waited a few days that the pain would go away but more than a week later, it was still there and still as intense. I decided to look around and found out one of my old training buddies happened... Read More

Vince T's Testimonial

"Once again I found myself going through my day with on and off again pain that at times was unbearable. So what did I do, I called my good buddy Doc Locke and asked him to work his magic. After 15 minutes or so of examination he identified the root of my pain and we began treatment. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then proceeded to give me my "homework." "Perform these exercises... Read More

Alex M's Testimonial

I first came to Dr. Locke with pain in both hips from over-training. I had relief from some of the pain after the first treatment, and he armed me with a batch of stretches and strength-training exercises to help ensure I not only got rid of the pain, but prevented the injury from happening again. That is the best part of Dr. Locke’s practice—he helped resolve my immediate issues, and gave me the... Read More

Alex M's Testimonial

Dr. Locke, I just wanted to let you know I ran the Akron half-marathon yesterday (1st time!), and finished virtually pain free in my hip. Nothing besides the typical aches and pains from a strenuous workout. Came in at 1:41:31, nearly 5 minutes under my estimated finish time! Thanks for all the help earlier this year, it set me up to properly train for this race and it made it a blast to run.


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