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Most pain develops due to dysfunction in some other area of the body. When one muscle doesn't function properly, the brain will recruit some other muscle to try and pick up the slack. This is an example of a dysfunctional movement pattern; the brain is using a muscle that isn't designed to do the work it's being asked to perform. Unfortunately, this "helper" muscle can only do so much work before it becomes injured.

In order to unravel YOUR dysfunctional movement patterns and develop the most appropriate treatment for your complaints, Dr. Locke will perform a full evaluation, including orthopedic and neurologic testing, range of motion and mobility assessment, and manual muscle testing. If x-rays are needed, you will  be referred to a local imaging center. Once the root of your problem has been determined, a treatment plan will be designed to help retrain these dysfunctional movement patterns and get you back to moving and feeling great!

Your first visit will typically last about an hour, during which we will spend one-on-one time dedicated to discovering the cause of your pain. Your treatment that day may include spinal manipulation, soft tissue/manual therapy, Rocktape® or therapeutic exercise depending on the nature and severity of your pain. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, as you may be learning some new exercises as part of your treatment. You will also be instructed on proper home care exercises to help you avoid reverting back to dysfunctional movement patterns and suffering further injury.

"When a patient remains consistent with their home care, that's when the magic happens."

You can learn more by reviewing Our Services and TestimonialsIf you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us by phone or email, or stop by our office in Avon Lake, Oh. We'd love to hear from you! 



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