Non-Painful Dysfunction

I often encounter athletes, of all shapes and sizes, and all age ranges, who hit a performance plateau. They're "stuck." It may be a roadblock in competition, or a hurdle they experience during their training. They just can't seem to get past it. Classically, these are cases of Non-Painful Dysfunction. Just because you're not experiencing any pain, doesn't mean that your muscles are functioning properly! The same can be said for "strong" dysfunction. "Strong" does not equal functional. You may be getting a job done, but are you using the proper muscles to do it? If you're hitting that plateua, it's most likely that you're not effectively using the primary muscles needed for that activity, and other muscles are compensating, setting you up for an injury.

If your muscular system isn't functioning they way that it should, then you are going to struggle to reach peak performance. You may be training and practicing very hard, but if you want maximal performance, you need optimal effort from the muscles being asked to complete the task. When you learn how to engage the appropriate muscles for your given activity, your performance will improve. You didn't suddenly get stronger or faster, but rather your movements became more efficient! Ongoing muscular dysfunction does occur even without pain, and will eventually lead injury. If you want to maximize your function and unleash your potential, learning how to control the correct muscles at the correct time is the missing link to improving your performance.



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